speld badlee

1.If It Wasn't 4 U.mp3 (3.2 Mb) Stockdale shines his musical spotlight on co-dependent hypocrites (featuring the happy harmonica of our pal, the great Jack Rudy)

2. Run Screeming.mp3 (3.5 Mb) Shapiro dedicates this one "to all the LAY-DEEZ in the house…" (and just listen to Vin work that wah-wah pedal!)

3. Ain't Ded Yet.mp3 (3.9 Mb) Tony’s ex-girlfriend is a real cunt (seriously)

As if three songs weren't enough, Gary Stockdale insists that there will soon be four, or even more songs here!

This kind of grandiose dreaming is what's kept Speld Badlee that magical inch beyond the grasp of excellence for so many years.


• Install the main tube by inserting it into the corresponding hole in the base unit. Lightly push the two spring buttons in while continuing to twist the main tube until the spring buttons engage the tube into the hole and the spring buttons are engaged by pulling the handle downward.

• Attach the accessory bag to the handle using the Velcro© fastener wrapped firmly around the base of the main tube.

• Remove the handle from the product by grasping the spring buttons firmly while simultaneously inserting a finger into the seat support and pulling on the main handle tube.

Note: The buttons on the handle cross brace can be unscrewed and secured with Velcro© fasteners to the tubes on the frame when the handle is not installed. Do you really still not know how to download music off the Internet? Ass.





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