Emmy Nominee Gary Stockdale
Continues to Write Bullshit! Music!

(Hollywood, CA) -Emmy-nominated for "That Bullshit Theme" to the Showtime program "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!," composer Gary Stockdale returns for a new season and will further create "Bullshit" music (we loved writing this!). Veteran producer Mark Wolper, Executive Producer Star Price and renowned master showmen Penn & Teller deliver a high-octane, weird, wacky, entertaining journey through some bizarre territory that no one else is brave enough to touch, with this "No Limits" reality series. Confirmed skeptics and pro-science atheists, these magicians are big fans of the art of debunking. With varied topics scrutinized, Stockdale is able to incorporate his broad musical palette.

For over a decade, Stockdale has scored and directed the music for the "Bad Boys of Magic" on their stage shows and TV specials. His previous Emmy nomination was for "Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular." Penn insists, "We give him hard work and he does it perfectly. You may be a big fan [of the 'Bullshit!' theme] but not as big of a fan as I am." Teller calls Stockdale a "bloody genius," and goes on to say, "He can do anything there is in music. I always find it an amazing experience to be around him - it gives me some idea what it must have been like to hang with Bach."

The well-respected composer has written music for such shows as "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," "Team Knight Rider," the syndicated game show, "To Tell the Truth." as well as numerous commercials, films and theatre projects. One of his favorite credits is writing for the ground-breaking failure, and now, cult-classic television show, "Cop/Rock."

Stockdale learned the craft of film music composition under the tutelage of Oscar-winning composer Henry Mancini. Through Mancini, he was introduced to "Mission Impossible" composer Lalo Schifrin, when Schifrin was looking for a musician familiar with electronic composition. Alongside Schifrin, Stockdale worked on such films as "Sudden Impact," "Dr. Detroit," and "FX2." When Stockdale is not composing music, he is performing as a member of the rock band, "The Jenerators" with other notable talent as Miguel Ferrer and Billy "Lost in Space" Mumy.

Here's Gary with other music nominees Dennis McCarthy (Star Trek Enterprise), Laura Karpman (Taken) Gary (Bullshit) and Philip Giffin (Boomtown)

Here's Gary with Philip Giffin (Boomtown) and W.G. Snuffy Walden (Miracles).